Charity Fundraising

Charity Fundraising

A Masked Charity Event is a great opportunity for Charity Fundraising…..  and we can help!

Organizing a Charity Dinner or Masquerade Ball? Call Antoinette at Insignia Masks and tell her your ideas so she can help you achieve your goal. (Ph: 0412 658 696)

A Genuine Venetian Mask makes a fabulous Thank You Gift or Door Prize. As a Charity Event Manager you can purchase our Masquerade Masks or Murano Jewellery for a door prize at the wholesale prices. For Charity Fundraising there is no minimum order. Please contact me for Wholesale Login Details Password.

Fundraising Solution

We can arrange for Insignia Masks will donate 20% of the retail purchase price of any mask purchased by your guest going to your event. All they need do is mention your event as they go thru the checkout or our participating Retailer – Mask Shop

You can promote this benefit by way of Flyers, noted on the ticket, emailed to contacts or on Facebook.  You can hand them out when you are promoting the event to anyone……as long as they buy an Insignia Mask thru a participating retailer and mention your event, there will be a donation to your Charity.

Any piece of jewelry or mask is suitable to attract this donation whether it is a wearable mask or a decorator piece and there can be unlimited purchases per person.

Please contact Antoinette for more information or to arrange this facility  – 0412 658 696

Insignia Masks will accumulate the value of your generated sales and forward the total to your Charity. We require a receipt for our donation.

This option is easy and requires little effort. Our fabulous Italian Masks add glamour to your evening and help make your Masquerade Ball memorable.

Table Decorations

We can assist with inexpensive table decoration solutions for your Masked Charity Event. Please call do discuss ideas.

We can also offer seconds that start at $5-00 for the purpose of table decorations, to add to floral arrangements or to decorate the Hall. As they are seconds availability really can change from day to day.